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I love special projects.  Joel Lively asked me to be part of a project to turn his Crosman 600 into a carbine. He sent his sad looking gun to me for restoration and a valve job.

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Here is a "before" picture As you can see, the gun is in bad shape Precision Pellet installed the scope rail. What did Joel do? Drag it behind his car? 


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Here it is sandblasted and ready for spraying This is what I use A late evening... a can of paint... and a little patience. 

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Cool Morning      


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RJ extended 600 barrel was added   Here is how it left my shop. Resealed, repainted and fitted with a scope rail and barrel from RJ.

Finished Product

Photo courtesy of Joel Lively at

Stock by Steve Corcoran at Woods and Water Outdoors.

Barrel by Robert Jones at RJ Machine

Shroud by Larry Rollins

Crosman 1400 Refinish

1400 Crosman that went to the UK


Crosman 160

My 160


New Hot Paint


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